Gymnastics Unlimited is a proud member of USA Gymnastics



USAG Women's Junior Olympic Compulsory Team

GU starts USAG Compulsory Team at Level 3 and continues through Level 5.  Our atheletes train to prepare for the next level.  Our athletes are constantly working skills that will help them achieve high level accomplishments at a very young age.

Becoming a Compulsory Team member is by invitation only.   


USAG Womens Junior Olympic Optional Team

GU’s USAG Optional Team program picks up at Level 7 where Compulsory leaves off.  Our atheletes train in a “College Style” program, preparing them for opportunities to compete regionally, nationally and on to the collegiate levels.

Becoming an Optional Team member is by invitation only.




USAG Womens Xcel Team

GU offers instruction for USAG Xcel at the Silver through Paltinum Levels.  This allows your gymnast to have an opportunity to participate in a competitve program without the rigor of the Junoir Olympic classification.  This program is designed for the gymnast who wants to experience strong competition without the committment of 16-20 hours per week.

GU’s Xcel program participates in the division where Optional routines are competed.  Olympic standard gear is used, including warm-ups and leos.


USAG Mens Team

GU’s USAG Men’s Team focuses on the proper development of stregth and technique necessary for the sport of gymnastics.  Instruction is offered for Levels 4 through 10, ages 6 to 18.

In addition to high-energy and fast paced learning and skill development, instruction for safety and injury prevention is emphasized.  This is the ideal place for atheletes who desire to reach their full potential.