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GU Booster Club

The GU Booster Club is open to all GU parents of member athletes. Here is a quick Q & A about GUBC:

  • What is GUBC?
    A team oriented, non-profit booster club that supports GU team athletes through fundraising activities

  • What is a task GUBC does?
    Supports GU by running concessions for all home meets

  • Who is eligible?
    Parents of girls and boys competitive teams: Girls Levels 3-10 & Excel; Boys Level 4-10; 3 Oh 3 Cheer

  • How much time is involved?
    Attendance at our monthly meetings (one/month; approx. 1 hour), participation at home meets & in club fund-raising activities are expected (approx. 10 hours/season).

  • Is there a fee to join?
    Yes: membership is open and there is a $10 first year dues (for new families) and a $5 per year continued membership fee for returning members.

  • What benefits do I get?
    There are many wonderful things that happen once you become a member:

  • Eligible for King Soopers Rechargable Gift Card (5% cash back on purchases)
  • Eligible for Scripts Shopping cash back programs
  • USAG fees paid for one athlete (if your family has more than one child enrolled)
  • Funds earned by GUBC shared among members to reimburse meet travel / participation costs (Tuition excluded)
  • Friendship with other GU parents and fun social activities

  • If I have more questions, who do I contact?
    The current GUBC President is Christine Tanguay and can be reached as follows:
  • Email: GUBCboard@gmail.com
  • Phone #: 303-880-2560