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Birthday Parties

Birthdays are SPECIAL...Birthdays are for laughing with friends and family, acknowledging another year's growth, for getting cards and presents, and for eating lots of cake and ice cream. But most of all, birthdays are for having the most fun a kid can possibly have in one day! Over the years, it can really test a parent's creativity to find something really exciting to do on their child's birthday. May we suggest a Gymnastics Unlimited Birthday Party?!

Most party centers and amusement parks are fairly unstructured, meaning that children are often let loose with little supervision to have a good time by themselves, not as a group. Depending on the child, that can mean fun or fear. Part of the enjoyment of a birthday party, however, is doing things together with invited friends.

At a Gymnastics Unlimited Birthday Party our trained staff know how to keep an entire group of kids together smiling. Our activities are carefully designed for the specific age level of the participating group. Every activity is safe, exciting, and challenging for every child regardless of their physical abilities.

GU Birthday Parties are generally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday afternoons although alternative times may be arranged depending on our class schedule. Treat your child to a party unlike anything they have ever experienced before! Call today for your GU birthday party!